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Beyond the Portal

Beyond the Portal

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The story so far...

Episode 1

Once upon a time...

Raggie is a sweet ragdoll cat who enjoys playing with plush toys and feather wands. One day, an unknown force pulled the rug from underneath when Raggie was enjoying an afternoon cat nap with all the favourite plush toys, and Raggie fell into a mysterious portal!

What lies beyond the portal is very strange indeed. Raggie transformed into a pixelated being and lost all the precious plush toys in this world! Now, Raggie has to run, find the lost toys, and unravel the mysteries that caused this "glitch" in the first place!

Episode 2

New Friendship!

In this strange new world, Raggie made some new friends - the BlockOwls.

While finding all the lost toys, Raggie came across glitchy BlockOwls trapped in boxes. With newfound superpowers, Raggie saved as many BlockOwls as felinely possible, gaining the trust and companionship of these new friends!

What's going to happen now... When Raggie meets with the first ever mighty opponent, the Dark Ape? Will the BlockOwls pilot, Loddie, swoop in to lend Raggie a claw?

Episode 3

A Rift Opens...

Beware! A rift opens in this strange RaggieRun world! What new adversary awaits your Raggie? Are you able to help your Raggie evade this mighty predator?

Special Edition

Coming Soon.

Q4 2023

The Future of Gaming

Going Beyond Traditional Gaming!

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Get More Out of RaggieRun!

Welcome to RaggieRun, a free-to-play thrill that embraces both casual gamers and Blockchain enthusiasts alike. Get hooked on our game, playing with Raggies, unique NFTs living on the Blockchain, at no initial cost. Just 'borrow' a Raggie and contribute a mere 10% of your score to the owner.

Blockchain enthusiasts, get ready to experience Web3 gaming! Purchase a Raggie NFT to navigate your in-game adventures with special powers. Plus, whenever a free player chooses your Raggie, you earn XP.

Join RaggieRun, where casual gaming meets Blockchain, and free-to-play intertwines with the power of NFTs!

Want to learn more about about Web3 Gaming?

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Developed by Ragsters Productions

This is the first NFT-enabled game with a working wallet connection launched on the Cardano blockchain. The "infinite runner" genre may sound simple, but we have created additional complexity and challenge for RaggieRun players by integrating NFT traits into the game as superpowers. We have also implemented a procedurally generated random dungeon and a boss fight at this early stage of the game's development to create a varied and engaging gaming experience for all!

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Ragsters Productions Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

The Company

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Blockchain Utility and Gaming Division